What are Law Firms & Why You Need Them the Next Time You Butt Heads with the Law

With the popularity of legal dramas like Suits, How to Get Away With Murder, Better Call Saul & many more, law and order is an increasingly engaging topic that Malaysians like tapping into. Unfortunately, this has caused the general consensus on how Malaysian law firms work to become greatly morphed.

This article aims to give you a clearer insight into what a law firm does and how it can prove to be helpful for your needs.

What is a Law Firm

As it is, the term “law firm” refers to a greater operation made up of lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries and so much more. Despite the long list of positions held, every working party strives to reach a shared goal: to help you with your legal proceedings. 

This includes advising and representing you to the best of their abilities, all while keeping you well informed on your responsibilities and rights as a citizen, and the ins and outs of your trial. Other than that, they also aid in drawing up legal documents like contracts, lawsuits, wills, deeds and appeals, and conducting research on matters of law interpretation.

There are many areas of specialities in which firms can offer their services including the following:

  • Property law
  • Family law
  • Immigration law
  • Medical law
  • Criminal law
  • Corporate law

Why You Should Hire a Law Firm to Represent You in Court

There are a lot of negative stigmas against hiring Malaysian law firms, many citing the “lawful nightmare” as a reason for believing so. Generally speaking, legal procedures are undoubtedly complicated and taxing.

However, that’s all the more reason for you to get in touch with a law firm to assist you throughout the length of the process.

For starters, they have more knowledge regarding the legal system along with any recent amendments made to the law. The Malaysian law is ever-changing as Parliament create new laws or change current ones. The chances of your personal knowledge of laws being old and unusable are quite likely.

Additionally, it is highly plausible that the law firm you hire has encountered a case similar to yours in the past, and might have a planned solution for it in-store. This saves on a lot of doubts and worries on your part. In most cases, they will even help you settle your case out of court in what’s known as an “alternative dispute resolution”, which could mean even less cost on your part.

Furthermore, courts are most certainly a very intimidating environment for someone who is not used to it. It could be difficult to calmly and professionally represent yourself when the situation calls for it. On the more psychological aspect of things, the high intensity of a courtroom environment can easily cause you to get agitated. Seeming irate, angry, hesitant or fearful may give others the impression that you are guilty. 

Law firm personnel who represent you are trained and experienced in maintaining their calm and will present all the facts and evidence needed accordingly in a clear manner. With them speaking on your behalf in court, the chances of you making a blunder greatly decreases while the prospect of you winning increases. 

Now that you know why you would need to hire a law firm, here’s a short list of highly credible law firms in Malaysia that you can get in touch with the next time you need legal assistance.

Low & Partners

With a team of more than 20 lawyers specializing in different areas of legal expertise, Low & Partners prides itself on being a full and multi-disciplined law firm, offering its clients legal services from a broad range of practice areas both in Malaysia and overseas.

Ho Kok Yew Advocates & Solicitors


Specialising in dispute resolution with an aim for a swift conclusion to their client’s civil, corporate and commercial disputes, Ho Kok Yew achieve fair and just results with their goal simply being to achieve yours. 

Ng Kee Way & Co

Messrs Ng Kee Way & Co. believes that specialisation is the key to success. As such, they practice what they preach by going to great lengths to constantly improve their legal knowledge in various areas of law and business acumen to meet their clients’ expectations and needs. 

Goik, Ramesh & Loo

Goik, Ramesh & Loo is one of the leading law firms in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that is recognised for providing first class legal advice across a range of practice areas. They pride themselves on providing client-centric legal solutions that are both diverse and effective for all of their legal needs. 

Alan Kang & Co


Alan Kang & Co embrace sincerity and integrity to advise their clients on matters of intellectual property, contract matters, divorce, adoption, debt recovery, company and corporate matters, property and real estate matters, will writing, probate and letter of administration, and other civil and criminal litigation matters.

Hiring legal representation from a Malaysian law firm could help you win your case with the least expense on your behalf. While it may be hard to change your pre-existing mindset towards law firms, doing so could prove to be highly useful to you in the long run. 

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