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How Econsave can help you contribute to those in need

With the advent of the global pandemic, a lot of our daily lives have changed. Most notably, communities across the country have been forced to go into lockdown to protect themselves against the virus. While this means you get to work at home comfortably with a bowl of ice-cream in your bed, for others it’s a less pleasant experience. The economic sector has been heavily impacted by the pandemic. Investments are shaky as market stocks go down, vendors are forced to close their premises to avoid social contact, and industries such as the airline, film, and food & beverage lost significant amount of sales due to restrictions. This has caused a lot of families to resort to their financial savings just to cater to their daily needs. And for some, that reserve is running dry.

Luckily, netizens have used the power of the Internet to band the community together and run financial aid campaigns across Malaysia. These campaigns involve providing hospital funds, food and essential products, as well as helping others pay their financial bills to lessen the burden of not being able to run their business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are quickly being used to rally volunteers to carry out these campaigns, a beautiful testament to the power of the Internet besides memes and cat videos. One of the more prominent campaigns of late is the White Flag campaign. The premise for the event is that if a household required any kind of aid, they could put any white fabric or cloth outside their house so that the community could contact them for further assistance.

As such, many brands are chipping in to this important cause as well, using the hashtags #BenderaPutih, #KitaJagaKita, and #RakyatJagaRakyat to assist fellow Malaysians in need of food or essentials during this Covid-19 pandemic. Econsave has also been fervent in contributing to the community in these trying times. As the primary goal for their brand is for customers to pay less for the best value of a product, Econsave wanted to contribute to the White Flag campaign in any way they could.  

Econsave has always been known as “the supermarket near me” and a grocer where customers can easily get a wide variety of food, clothes, electronics, and other essential household items for much lower prices without lower quality. Customers across Malaysia flock to the supermarket to support themselves and their families, especially during this pandemic. With initiatives such as the White Flag campaign, MyKisah Foundation, and other ongoing mediums for donations, Econsave is ever-ready to continue extending their hand to families and citizens in need of assistance. If you would like to contribute to helping the community and those in need during the pandemic, be sure to message Econsave at any of their social media profiles.

If you’d like to contribute to a family in need, you may contact us at 1800-88-3311 or visit our official website to know more: https://econsave.com.my/

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