Employee Benefits: A Worthwhile Investment

Employees are arguably an organization’s most valuable asset. It’s textbook knowledge to know that when your employees are happy, the company runs smoothly. 

However, the days where a round salary is enough to keep employees satisfied is long behind us. To offer basic employee benefits like minimum wage and overtime pay, lay-off benefits, bonuses and so on for their staff is considered the bare minimum of what is required.

If you are an employer that is looking to attract and retain talent in your company in the present climate, here are a few other kinds of employee benefits you should invest in to offer your staff:

Dental Benefits

This might be unknown to many, but dental coverage is a highly sought after employee benefit by many workers. Be it regular check-ups, teeth whitening or braces upkeep, it should come as no surprise that professional dental care services don’t come cheap. By ensuring your employees maintain oral health, you’re one step closer to maintaining the overall health of your organisation. This will ultimately help bring down general medical care costs.  Such as seen at Onsemi, their employees are entitled to a dental subsidy for their dental care and treatment in accordance with the company Health Plan Policy.

Vision Benefits

As we strive to find our footing in this digitalised world, it means more time spent staring into devices that emit “blue-light”. This increase in screen time only leads to a decline in productivity as employees suffer from headaches, fatigue and so on. So it may shock you to know that vision care is rarely offered as an employee benefit in many companies. Eye strain issues are on the rise and all the more reason why employers should offer vision benefits to further ensure the overall health of a company workforce. An example could be made of Intel, where they offer an annual vision care subsidy as part of their employee benefits package among other things. 

Hospital coverage

On occasion, the need for a hospital visit comes up. Whether it’s a quick trip to the emergency room or a required night spent at the hospital, your employee could use your hand in covering the costs. Hospital coverage is a great employee benefit to offer for employee retention. It shows your commitment to ensuring your employees well being during their time at your company. Taking a page from Piktochart’s books, they offer employees RM1000 for outpatient coverage and RM 25,000 hospitalisation coverage.

In order to properly provide these coverages, a lot of proactive companies tend to reach out to automated employee benefits services like Mednefits or Rewardz to help ensure an easy benefits rollout. 

When it comes to offering employee benefits for your staff, it’s important to each and every aspect as to how it could benefit them. The ones given above, for example, are all often rounded-off under an umbrella subsidy for “Medical Coverage”. In truth, each of them serves varying purposes that require more attention by employers for the sake of keeping employees satisfied. 

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