How Malakoff Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Maintain Power Plants

Ever wondered what it takes to maintain large scale power plants?

A more suitable term for it is ‘power plant operation and maintenance’, and as one would expect, doing it on a massive scale is no easy feat. Enter Malakoff , a leading O&M service provider. With help from organisations like theirs, power plants are able to carry out their operations smoothly.

Before getting into that, let’s take a brief look into power plants and what they actually entail. 

As the name suggests, power plants are responsible to rework natural resources, like solar power and coal into functional power.  

For over 26 years, Malakoff and its panel of meritorious and experienced crew members have carried out maintenance services for recognised power plants, locally and abroad. They’ve built up their reputation with their full O&M packages that cover all aspects of power plant management. Their work generally includes major renovation services like repairing, overhauling, rewinding, calibration, workshop servicing and so on, down to the more minimal power plant inspection services. 

Malakoff Uses Drones To Improve Power Plant Maintenance

Inspections at power plants are regularly carried out to ensure that all its resources are functioning accordingly and typically call for the inspectors to use equipment like ropes and scaffoldings in tight, confined spaces. This often takes place in features like tanks, boilers and more, and exposes the person to potential harm. 

TSJB has the perfect solution to this: their Drone Internal Inspection services. As per what its name hints, this service makes use of drones that will be sent into these hazardous conditions. Due to its functionality of providing remote visual inspection which minimises exposure to hazardous conditions, contrasting manned entry, it is a major improvement in regards to staff safety. 

By using this method, Malakoff also manages to speed up inspection processes by gathering visuals in minutes, allowing the personnel to make quick decisions to present during inspections. Due to Malakoff being able to complete inspections faster, they can allow for more frequent inspections to take place, which will ultimately benefit the lifetime of power plant assets. A drone’s general sleek and compact design allows it to easily extract data from complex and confined spaces, ultimately eliminating the need to access scaffolding, ropes and such, helping to reduce costs. 

Other services that Malakoff offers include facilities management, where they conduct operation & maintenance, technical assessments, risk management and even asset management. With their team of highly experienced field service engineers and up-to-date equipment, Malakoff are very thorough with their work and ensure to look into every aspect needed to establish a power plant is in perfect working condition. 

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