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Home Accessory - LLOYD Objet
Home Accessory - LLOYD Objet
Home Accessory - LLOYD Objet
Home Accessory - LLOYD Objet
Industrial Craft


$ 390.00

We put the LLOYD Objet in the category of magical forms, and chose bronze and aluminum to make this very unique sculpture. It’s inspired by the iconic oloid created by German artist and engineer Paul Shatz in 1929, and LLOYD is our version of this mesmerizing kinetic shape. 

So what do you do with the LLOYD Objet (besides stare lovingly at it)? Add some curiosity to a desktop, discernment to a coffee table, or delight to the modern design lovers on your list—these are the ultimate cool gifts.

  • Measures H:4.5” x W:7” x D:4.5”
  • Bronze – 10 lbs.
  • Cast Aluminum – 2 lbs.-
  • Made in America

Recent Press 

Aaron Lown, cofounder of the neoprene-tote company Built, has a brand new bag: Industrial Craft. In what he calls a “reverse design process,” he’s been exploring factories near Newburgh, New York, where he’s based, to learn about their materials and processes, to then have them manufacture small batches of his product designs that they inspired. One such is Lloyd, an objet weighing 2 pounds in aluminum or 10 in bronze.

- Interior Design Magazine Homes Fall 2015

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