Litigation Lawyers: Who are they?

Have you ever wondered how a large cooperation is able to sue another for issues like defamation or copyright infringement? Take for example the case of Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd v Ministry of Home Affairs [R1-25-455-2010]. Back in 2010, Mkini Dotcom Sdn. Bhd, a.k.a Malaysiakini, sued the Ministry of Home Affairs for rejecting their publishing license. The judge ended up ruling in Malaysiakini’s favour and this was only possible through the hard work of their litigation lawyer

Whether you’re well-versed with the law or not, you would have definitely come across the term ‘litigation’ or ‘litigation lawyer’ at least once in your life. But what exactly does this mean? Litigation is a legal term that describes a situation where one party sues another party for legal purposes such as personal injuries, employment or family related matters. Often, this is done in an attempt to receive compensation for an unjust act that has affected the plaintiff.

So, who are litigation lawyers? Litigation lawyers are lawyers that can represent you in court for civil and criminal cases. They are skilled individuals who are knowledgeable, brave and confident. With a litigation lawyer, you wouldn’t have to worry about accurately getting your message or defence across because these professionals possess strong communication, negotiation and persuasion skills. Contrary to popular belief, most litigation lawyers prefer to settle disputes outside of court as it is less time consuming and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Now, why is it important for you to hire a litigation lawyer? Referring back to Malaysiakini’s case, their litigation lawyer began by collecting statements, drafting motions and preparing the necessary documents pertaining their defences. Since this case involved a government body, there was no choice but to fight it out in court. Malaysiakini was successful in their dispute because their litigation lawyer was able to make convincing opening and closing statements as well as provide sufficient evidence, particularly narrowing down on the fact that there was no legitimate reason given as to why their application for a publishing license was rejected. However, if this had failed, their litigation lawyer would have had to apply for an appeal and submit new evidence for the appellate record. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how you can benefit from hiring a litigation lawyer. To summarize, hiring a litigation lawyer from a law firm in Malaysia is your best bet at having a fighting chance to win your case. In the event that you find yourself caught in a legal dispute with a company or another individual, you should definitely seek out advice from litigation lawyers in these law firms in Malaysia.

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