Industrial Craft® was born out of a desire to design and use products that last a lifetime. We put the consumer first, and that means our priority is on quality and value so we can offer more of what you want and less of what you don’t. There will never be planned obsolescence or products deliberately designed with a limited life so you have to buy them again.

We embrace the concept of artisanal manufacturing: using domestic manufacturers to enliven local communities, promote economic prosperity, and create locally made products. In our case “local” begins in proximity to our community of New York’s Hudson Valley and then expands across America as we search for the right partners.

Creating collaborations between designers and manufacturers results in quality design and consumer product innovation. The utmost care and precision goes into every product we make, while bringing the craft of making back to American industries.

The products in the Industrial Craft Collection are designed to bring you lasting pleasure from their beauty, form, function and value. We hope you treasure them as much as we do.