Interior Design magazine-homes Fall 2015

Aaron Lown, cofounder of the neoprene-tote company Built, has a brand new bag: Industrial Craft. In what he calls a “reverse design process,” he’s been exploring factories near Newburgh, New York, where he’s based, to learn about their materials and processes, to then have them manufacture small batches of his product designs that they inspired. One such is Lloyd, an objet weighing 2 pounds in aluminum or 10 in bronze.

Interior Design Magazine featuring Industrial Craft and Aaron Lown


Sweet Paul magazine-December issue

Cradle serving trivet - Avoid burnt fingers this holiday season with this festive red serving trivet that stylishly aids the carrying of hot pots, and protects the table underneath. Treat your foodie pal to this neat invention! Industrial Craft, $48,

SweetPaul magazine featuring the Cradle serving trivet