We literally stumbled upon the American Felt and Filter Company, which happens to just be a few blocks from our studio in Newburgh, NY. It was quite an auspicious day. Being neighborly, we introduced ourselves and got a tour of this amazing factory. Since its inception in 1899, the company has been manufacturing felts of almost every kind and conceiving new ones when needed—our kind of company. They’re one of the last American felt suppliers who bring traditional craftsmanship to manufacturing and we immediately wanted to collaborate with them.

Wool felt is such an incredible material - both beautiful and functional. It’s easily adaptable, resilient, and can withstand extreme temperatures. The color options are only limited to your imagination and felt can be easily cut to form any shape without fraying. It’s truly a designer’s dream material! The CRADLE Serving Trivet is a combination of form, function and beauty. It’s inspired by a versatile material and an innovative manufacturer that helped the advancement of industrial design. The end result is a unique product designed to bring you lasting pleasure.

Felt making process