Home Accessory - RAY Candle
Home Accessory - RAY Candle
Home Accessory - RAY Candle
ray candle shown on desk
Home Accessory - RAY Candle
Home Accessory - RAY Candle
Home Accessory - RAY Candle
Industrial Craft

RAY Candle

The RAY Candle is all about light and quality design. It was inspired by the airport runway lights produced by a 150-year-old glass factory in the Hudson Valley. The borosilicate glass, chosen for its durability and optical clarity, casts engaging reflections as the 100% pure beeswax candle burns down. The all cotton wicks are trimmed to ¼ inch and are ready to burn when you receive your package.

We chose beeswax (locally sourced) for its non-toxic and non-allergenic qualities, which make it the best candle choice for anyone with allergies or chemical sensitivities. Whether you’re looking for cool gifts for women or men, this is something they’ll treasure forever.

  • 100% pure beeswax molded candle burns approximately 40 hours
  • Measures H: 2.25"x W: 3", 7.5 oz.; refills available 
  • Reusable pressed borosilicate glass vessel (14.75 oz.)
  • Vegetable tanned leather lid
  • Locally made products produced in the Hudson Valley, NY
  • Packaged in a unique letterpress printed chipboard box

    There’s glass, and then there’s GLASS. The latter is what Gillander Glass has been producing for more than 155 years in Port Jervis, NY.  What a find!  They evolved from making decorative objects and glass shades for oil lamps to producing 50% of the glass components for airfield runway lights in the US.

    This is true artisanal manufacturing at its best and watching the production process got the wheels turning (check out the photos here). We learned about the superior optical qualities of borosilicate glass (think telescope lenses) and fell in love with the bold jewel tones.

    The RAY Candle was inspired by the optical clarity of this glass to reflect and project light on an airfield runway. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Gillander Glass and bringing the craft of making quality decorative products back to this factory.